Profitbase Business Intelligence for Manufacturing
includes a comprehensive set of modules that provide
performance metrics for finance, sales, inventory, plant
performance and more. Users are able to filter and drill
into category and plant equipment hierarchies, see
trends, identify top performing lines, sales associates,
and items, track inventory levels, slow moving items,
and much more.

Profitbase Business Intelligence solutions are comprised
of the following:

  • Data Warehouse: The Data Warehouse is the heart
    of the Profitbase solution. It is where information
    from existing business systems, e.g. Financial, HR, Inventory, Time & Attendance, Call Center, Operations, Ecommerce, etc. is consolidated and prepared for easy visualization in dashboards and reports.

  • Dashboards & Reports: Our intuitive dashboards and reports provide users with a quick snapshot of key metrics with the ability to drill into the details as well as filter and sort information easily.

  • Manufacturing Modules: Our Business Modules provide metrics that enables businesses to track Financials, Sales, A/R, A/P, Inventory, and much more. Based on your requirements our existing business modules are easily modified and new business modules are configured when required.
    • Finance
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Sales
    • Inventory
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    • Downtime

  • Connectors: Profitbase has Connectors to many popular ERP, Inventory, MES and Financial systems. Connectors accelerate deployment as they define the mapping between the business system’s table-field names and the data warehouse. New connectors are easily created when needed.

  • Project Services: Our Discover, Design and Deliver process reduces risks and ensure timely delivery by coordinating all aspects of the project including identifying your needs, getting buy in, implementation and support after the solution is up and running.

  • Microsoft Technology: Our solutions are built using Microsoft technology and scale to fit both large and small enterprises.

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Business Intelligence Solutions for Manufacturing