Flexible Platform Yields Solutions That Match Your Unique Requirements

Financial and business planning solutions are built using the Profitbase InVision Designer and published as web applications requiring little or no training to use. Prebuilt business modules can be downloaded and installed within minutes and then customized to meet the exact needs of the customer.

Business systems are easily integrated with Profitbase InVision through a RESTful Web API, or by connecting directly to the database. Profitbase InVision can be extended by building custom business modules using the Profitbase InVision Designer developer tool and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Profitbase InVision allows you to:

  • Use workflows to drive your business processes
  • Use built-in or custom components to represent your business model
  • Create user interfaces tailored to your organization

Profitbase InVision is the foundation for the following solutions:

  • Financial Planning: Budgeting & Forecasting providing Profit and Loss, Balance and Cash Flow
  • Open-To-Buy: Helping retailers manage their inventories
  • Loan Management: Management of large and complex loan porfolios with multiple currencies, interest rates and reporting compliance
  • Energy Management: Helping managers of large and complex rental areas with reporting and energy optimization and control
  • Sports Club Forecasting: Financial planning for sporting clubs with professional players, matches and other events, sponsors and linked to sports results

Profitbase InVision is developed as a HTML5 web application, using Microsoft SQL Server and .NET.

Profitbase InVision is our software platform for building custom web-based financial and business planning applications. The InVision platform is very flexible featuring prebuild solution components and plug-ins that allows virtually any kind of financial business planning requirement to be addressed.

Additionally, InVision solutions integrate with existing business systems seamlessly, utilizes workflows to drive your business process as well as powerful reporting capabilities to visualize your data using customerizable charts and tabular reports.

Financial Planning