Profitbase Studio provides the user with a graphical configuration environment that eliminates the need to develop and maintain custom ETL code. Using drag and drop techniques, ETL code is automatically generated as the user maps unique business system table-field names to the metadata in data warehouse. 

Wizards and templates are also used extensively to lead the user through the proper sequence to build new data source connectors, dimension hierarchies and measure groups simplifying the task and reducing the effort. 

Profitbase Studio provides a simpler interface, improved flexibility and leverages your investment in Microsoft technology.  Key features and capabilities include:

  • Consolidate Multiple Business Systems
    Profitbase Studio is a business intelligence deployment accelerator for Microsoft SQL Server that easily extracts and consolidates information from multiple data sources and delivers actionable information to decision makers.  Data source types include:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • IBM DB2
    • Excel Files
    • CSV Files
    • Any ODBC Compliant Database

  • Data Source Connector Templates
    Profitbase Studio has ready to use Data Source Connector templates for many business systems, including:
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail (POS)
    • LS Retail (POS)

  • Business Templates
    Profitbase Studio includes ready-to-use business templates for finance, sales, inventory, purchasing, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and others.

  • Workflow and Automatic Updates
    Profitbase Studio includes a workflow engine that is used to schedule data updates to the data warehouse OLAP Cubes and or Tabular database.

  • Integrated Security
    Profitbase Studio supports integrated Windows Active Directory or SQL Server security policies.

  • Change Management
    Profitbase Studio gives IT the ability to administer and maintain their data warehouse and OLAP Cubes in a self-documenting, easy to learn environment.

  • Dimension Management
    Profitbase Studio provides a dimension management environment that displays the actual dimension names so developers can visualize the content.

  • Scalability and Performance
    Profitbase Studio leverages and extends the power of Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server is proven technology that scales from small to the largest most demanding deployments and as SQL Server scales so does Profitbase. Profitbase Studio also supports partitioning of datasets, fact tables, Tabular Model and OLAP Cubes.

Data Warehouse Automation

Profitbase Studio is our data warehouse automation tool that makes data warehouse deployments fast and easy. It allows for quick and easy deployments of data marts, data warehouses and OLAP Cubes and Tabular Databases on Microsoft SQL Server.

Studio provides a graphical configuration environment that automates the ETL process and leverages built in standard functionality that speeds up and simplifies data warehouse deployments, maintenance and upgrades reducing deployment time, risks and total cost of ownership.

Profitbase Studio also represents a new way of deploying business oriented solutions by using business templates for finance, sales, inventory, A/R, etc. and data source connector templates to major business systems to reduce the time from business decision to deployed solution.