• Mobile Smartphone & Tablet Support
    All InFront dashboards and reports support mobile smartphones and tablets that support HTML5. Using the mobile device’s browser, users can view dashboards and reports anytime, anywhere.

  • Dashboard Flexibility
    InFront supports multiple dashboards each of which supports a flexible layout. Dashboard access can be based on the user’s role, e.g. Executive Mangement, Store Managers, or Department Managers.

  • Common Dashboards & Reports for all Users
    Standard production dashboards and reports are centrally administered and controlled so everyone in an organization is viewing performance in the same way.

  • Personalized Ad Hoc Reporting
    Flexible and personalized ad hoc dashboards and reports enable users to select the metrics they want to display in tabular reports, charts and trends.

  • Drill into Detailed Reports
    Detailed reports are accessible either from the dashboard or from a report menu. Detailed reports allows users to find issues quickly. Report data can be tabular or graphical, filtered, sorted and data hierarchies expanded and collapsed.

Profitbase InFront leverages modern web
technology to display information to users with
attractive and highly functional dashboards. Information is pulled from OLAP Cubes and users are allowed to filter and sort the information as they wish. OLAP Cubes are kept up-to-date and synchronized with the Profitbase data warehouse, so data is always fresh. Key features include:

Dashboards & Reports

Profitbase InFront is our Dashboard and Reporting software. InFront is an easy to use, intuitive and web-based dashboard and reporting tool for decision makers who need a snapshot of key information on their laptop or mobile device.

InFront is designed for the users who need fast and easy access to key information anytime, anywhere with zero training.