Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

The objective of this Code of Conduct is to outline the requirements Profitbase sets for the organization for personal conduct and behavior in our day-to-day operation, with a goal to live up to our core values.

2. Working Environment

Our mission is to provide ethical, efficient and effective service, support and products to our stakeholders.

The success of Profitbase depends on the ability and the effort of the employees. That require involving and treating individuals with politeness and respect.

Competent employees are key success factor to achieve business object and will give motivation for building a secure and effective working culture and environment.

3. Safeguard of Profitbase property and assets

Only authorized personnel will use Profitbase property and assets for business purpose. Profitbase will, at all time, ensure that all tangible and intangible assets will be properly secured.

Use of ICT systems and information will be governed according to business need, and all employees need to comply with approved ICT Security Policy and supporting procedures.

4. Communications

Profitbase will perform an open and active dialogue with all employees, customer, vendors and authorities. Information is a leadership responsibility, but all employees is responsible to stay informed and share relevant information across the organization.

Profitbase will make information correct, reliable and available to employees and all relevant external stakeholders. All enquiries about Profitbase from external parties should be referred to CEO.

5. Conflict of interest – Profitbase Interest

Personnel have a duty to protect Profitbase interest and shall not have personal interest that comes into conflict with Profitbase business. Do not make personal business of opportunity identified at Profitbase, and do not be involved in relationship that can lead to conflict with Profitbase.

Any potential conflict issue should be assessed together with management.

6. Assignments outside of Profitbase

Employees in duties and assignment outside Profitbase must not affect work at Profitbase. Any external assignments needs to be discussed and approved by CEO.

7. Confidentiality and sensitive information

Employees have duty of confidentiality by Norwegian law and by signing a confidentiality agreement.

Employees are responsible to keep confidential any sensitive or confidential business information for unauthorized persons.

8. Stakeholder’s relationship

Employee need to behave honestly, ethically and fairly in their relations to customers, suppliers and competitors. Employees are obliged to follow Profitbase ethical standard and treat stakeholders equally and fair.

9. Corruption and bribery

Profitbase will counteract and prevent any form of corruption.

Employee will not receive inappropriate gift and money to achieve business or personnel benefits.

10. External environment

Profitbase have documented a HSE policy which state the ambition to reduce negative influence on external environment – directly or indirectly – Profitbase seek to minimize the environmental impact by acting responsible by following up local and national environmental initiative.

11. To make it work – Monitor to ensure compliance

Management is responsible for the Code of Conduct. Management is responsible for implement and monitor that all employee comply with Code of Conduct.

Breaches should immediate be reported by employee when identify following the Notification Procedure.