Your BI Partner

Profitbase is a technology leader in delivering rapidly deployed Business Intelligence (BI) and Financial Planning solutions to businesses throughout the world.

Our solutions provide businesses with one consolidated view of information, which results in 360 degree visibility to all aspects of business performance. They also accelerate the planning cycles enabling users to plan, track and act on performance based on their roles in the organizations.

Our passion is stimulated by our lengthy experience working with hundreds of customers around the world, inspired teamwork and customer satisfaction.

Our History

Profitbase has a long history and was founded on the experience and products of Présens (established in 1991). Présens merged with Proscon in 2000 to form Profitbase. Profitbase expanded into the US opening an office in 2003. Since it was founded the company has grown and today consists of 60+ talented and experienced employees with great knowledge and passion for their work, solutions and customers. We share our experience with an enthusiastic and skilled international partner network.

   Profitbase Facts

  • Founded in 2000
  • 190+ Customers
  • Partner Worldwide
  • Offices in Norway & USA

Our Vision

To deliver solutions that help our customers get Better Information Faster.

Our Core Values

Our values are the basis for all our work and all our relationships internally and externally.

  • We can be relied upon
  • We are innovative
  • We have pride in our work
  • We collaborate with other
  • We show respect in all our relationships

Code of Conduct

Profitbase’s corporate culture is founded on good business practice, honesty, transparency and respect for others. The objective of our Code of Conduct is to outline the requirements Profitbase sets for the organization for personal conduct and behavior in our day-to-day operation, with a goal to live up to our core values.

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